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About Us


ACSOMA- Jasper

The Empowerment Center

716 South Wheeler

Jasper, TX 75951

ACSOMA- Newton

First Baptist Church Gym

319  Main St 

Newton, TX 75966


ACSOMA- Nacogdoches


4822 North University Dr

Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Mission Statement

Our Mission: We believe in the God within for the betterment of our body, mind, and spirit thereby obtaining an inner peace and balance of life for every individual student. 

What We Offer

SHOTOKAN karate is what is known as HARD STYLE of JAPANESE martial arts. SHOTOKAN incorporates punching, blocking, and kicking techniques, while strengthening the KARATEKA (karate students) physically and spiritually, while maintaining a strict level of mental DISCIPLINE!  

We offer Shotokan Karate, Samurai Jujitsu,

Entotsu Senshido, Grappling, MMA, Self-defense, Cardio Kickboxing,  Private Lessons, Women's Self-defense Seminars, and much much more. 

WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES- this is a female only class that includes self-defense, weapon defense, martial arts, and an awesome aerobic workout! This class raises awareness, strengthens the body, disciplines the mind, and adds a level of self-confidence to be empowered! So, come "Empower Yourself"!!!